450W LCD Display Electronic Hot Air Heat Gun Soldering Station + Nozzle

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450W LCD Display Electronic Hot Air Heat Gun Soldering Station + Nozzle


* This heat hot air gun can help you finish desoldering work easily
* Compact design, easy to use and carry.
* LCD display for hot air temperature, convenient for operation.
* Come with 9 different nozzles to meet different soldering needs.
* The temperature and air volume can be easily and precisely adjusted.
* High quality engine and heating elements which can supply natural and gentle wind.
* Special soldering way without touching the solder joint which avoid the parts moving and thermal shock.
* Suitable for most surface mount soldering and rework parts for desoldering various shielding box cover board.


* Model: GJ-8018lcd
* Plug Type: EU Plug
* Power Supply: AC220V
* Power: 450W
* Current: 2.5A
* Working Temperature: 450℃
* Dimensions: 290* 20 mm/11.4*0.8 inch(approx)
* Cable Length: 140 cm/55.12 inch(approx)
* Weight: 500g(approx)

Usage method:

1.Put the plug in the socket AC.220V.
2.Turn on the power.
3.According to soldered object size ,regulating the gas speed button to control the gas current, regulating the temperature button until the screen show the temperature you want.
4.When the work is over, turn the minimum. After blowing cold gas for about 30 seconds then turn off the power. This will prolong the heating element life.
5.If changing air collector first you will tune off the power and cool it.

Close hot air tool
Be sure to follow the following before closing the hot air tool
1. Adjust the temperature "heater" to the minimum gear
2. Adjust the air volume "air" to the maximum position
3. Hold on for 30 seconds, or wait for the temperature display to fall to 150 degrees Celsius, than you can turn off the turn off the power

1. The hot air tool temperature should not exceed 450℃, otherwise might easily damage or affect the service life of hot air tool
2. Be sure to cool off before a hot air tool is turned off.
3. Metal drums built with friable insulation materials, please handle with care, never fall heavy shock.

Package Included:

1* Heat Hot Air Gun For Desoldering
4* Nozzles
1* Bracket
1* User Manual