3 Flavor Soft Ice Cream Maker Frozen Yogurt Machine 28L/H LED Display

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3 Flavor Soft Ice Cream Maker Frozen Yogurt Machine 28L/H LED Display


In hot summer, most people want to have some ice cream. With appealing look, delicious taste and the great effect of reducing heat, they are no doubt most people's favorite in summer, even in winter. We offer you this Soft Ice Cream Machine, constructed of two food grade hoppers, it can be used to make three flavors of ice cream, including two single flavors and one mix flavor with stunning mix color. Made of stainless steel material, our product is durable, fastness, safe and easy to clean. What's more, thanks to it's desktop design and small volume, you can put it on your table and have no need to worry about taking too much spaces. Ice cream made by our machine tastes crispy and tender and has a high puffing rate. Don't hesitate, buy one and put it in your shop or wherever you need, it will definitely catch people's eyes.

Non-slip base, desktop design, two food grade plastic hoppers, stable and safe
Can be used to make three flavors of ice cream: two single flavors and one mix flavor
Stainless steel body, durable, fastness, safe and easy to clean
Micro-computer automatic control system, precisely control the process
LED screen, intuitively display the working condition
Constructed of world-famous brand compressor, stable and reliable refrigeration system, high efficiency and low energy consumption
High efficiency stainless steel evaporator, safe and healthy, fast freezing, high yield ( up to 20-28L/H / 5.3-7.4Gallons/H )
Adjustable hardness of ice cream, from 4.0 to 7.0 ( suggesting 6.0)
Equipped with pure copper tube condenser, enhance the efficiency of cold and heat conversion, ensure good heat dissipation
High quality hopper lid, protect raw material from contamination
Detechable tray, prevent ice cream from dripping, easy to clean
User-friendly design handle, comfortable and convient
One-click cleaning function: pour water into the hopper and press the CLEAN button, 3-5 minutes later, press down the handle to discharge the water completely
With 4 shape hats, can be used to make 4 different shapes of ice cream

Capacity:20-28L/H / 5.3-7.4Gallons/H
Mix Hopper:6L × 2 / 1.6Gallons × 2
Refrigerant:R410a(1000g) / R404a(850g)
Voltage:110V / 60Hz
Net Weight:96.5kg / 213lbs
Item Size:540 × 710 × 780mm / 21" × 28" × 31"

Package Included:
1 × Soft Ice Cream Machine
1 × Edible Lubricating Grease
1 × Seal for Middle Stem
1 × Seal for Liquid Outlet Valve
2 × Seal Cartridge
5 × Piston Seal
4 × Shape Hat ( noodle, jungle, sandwich, hexagram )