2g/h Medical Lab Ozone Generator Ozone Disinfection Machine Ozone Maker ZA-D 2G

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2g/h Medical Lab Ozone Generator Ozone Disinfection Machine Ozone Maker ZA-D 2G

- Using ceramic tubular ozone generator device, high efficiency ozone production, stable yield, strong durability, impact resistance, long service life.
- Can be equipped with air supply system according to the needs, low power consumption, convenient operation.
- Using desktop shape, the overall exquisite and generous, small footprint, more reliable and stable operation.
- Air flow meter and the ozone concentration can be adjusted 20%-100%.
- Can be installed single or double cycle time relay according to the demand of customer

Ozone machine control panel
Flow meter, ozone output regulating knob, oxygen input port, ozone output port, digital current meter, working start switch, time relay, ozone indicator, power indicator.

- Model: ZA-D 2G
- Power: 220V or 110V
- Ozone output: 2g/h
- External oxygen flow rate: 1-3L/min
- Power: 100w
- Fitting diameter: φ6
- Fuse: 3A
- Size: 475×420×250mm
- Weight: 8.2kg

- Laboratory: chemical oxidation for raw material of flavors and fragrances, small water treatment experiment
- Beverage process industry: such as pure water, spring water and any other water sterilization and disinfection
- Fruits & vegetables process industry: such us keep fresh, storage etc
- Food process industry: water, workshop, sterile room, equipments, tools
- Pharmaceutical industry: water, air conditioner, workshop, dressing room, sterile room etc
- Medical: ward, operating room, medical devices, sterile room etc.