2?/52mm Car Auto Black Face Triple Gauge Set Oil Pressure Water Temp Volt Meter

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2″/52mm Car Auto Black Face Triple Gauge Set Oil Pressure Water Temp Volt Meter

- Numbers and pointer clearly show
- lighting on the dial for easy reading in the darkness.
- High sensitivity and easy operation.
- Professional installation is Highly Recommended.

This gauge is designed and manufactured to exacting quality standards to give maximum service and reliability. It can be used in place of, or in addition to, presently operating indicator lights. Gauge insures greater accuracy and provide a wider margin of safety than indicator lights.
Fits all cars/trucks/tractors and marine engines.

- 100% brand new and high quality
- Color: Black Face
- Powered 12V Professional.
- Diameter:2."/52mm.
- Measurement range: 50 ~ 150 Celsius
- Universal fit for: most of cars or motors

Oil Pressure Gauge Indicates:
Low Oil Level;
Clogged oil filter;
Loose or broken oil line;
Oil foaming;
Improper oil viscosity;
Engine bearing failure

Water Temperature Gauge Indicates:
Low coolant level;
Defective thermostat;
Broken fan belts;
Blocked radiator;
Leaking cooling system

Package included:
- 1 x Water Temp Gauge
- 1 x Oil Pressure Gauge
- 1 x Voltmeter Gauge
- 1 x Temp Sensor
- 1 x Pressure Sensor

Measurement range 50 ~ 150 Celsius
Universal fit for Most of cars or motors