230V 1000W Voltage Converter Inverter Max. 2000W 2-USB 12V

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230V 1000W Voltage Converter Inverter Max. 2000W 2-USB 12V


This voltage converter enables the connection of a wide variety of consumers to voltage sources such as cars,Boat, solar systems in the weekend house or camping.Due to the high peak power, the absolutely stable output voltage and the high Efficiency can also be operated devices with switching power supplies or with small electric motors.With the sinusoidal output voltage can be a variety of insensitive consumers such as hair dryers, coffee makers, lamps, chargers, power supplies, motors, etc. are connected.All cooling appliances, televisions, monitors, notebooks, pumps, machine tools and many other inductive devices have an extremely high short-term inrush current.If z. For example, if your TV has a power rating of 150 watts, the inrush current may be up to 10 times the power: this would mean choosing an inverter that can accept 1500 watts of power at short notice! This often happens with inductive chargers (eg for machine tools).


- Low start-up current problems thanks to high peak power
- with modified sine wave for 12 Volt DC input and 230 Volt
- LED warning light at low battery voltage + warning to
- Practical mobile inverter for operating devices with mains connection, 230 V ~ (AC) in the vehicle
- robust aluminum housing
- 2 pieces 230 V connections via Schukostecker
- Input voltage 10 - 14.8 V DC
- Temperature / load regulated fan
- acoustic low voltage warning / battery warning at 10 volts
- Soft-start circuit


1000 watts continuous power (load power: 1000W, peak power: 2000W)
Output voltage AC220 ~ ± 10%, 50 ± 3hz
Input voltage range DC11-15V
Modified sine
Power consumption at idle <0.45A
Efficiency approx. 85%
Short-circuit protection through fuse, overvoltage protection, overheating protection
Alarm at low battery voltage at 10.2-10.8V
Shutdown at low battery voltage at DC9.2-9.8V
Shutdown at high battery voltage at 15-16V
Alarm and shutdown due to overheating at 55 ℃ -65 ℃
Ambient temperature 0 ℃ -40 ℃
Power switch on the device / Display Power LED and LOW BATTERY LED
Housing material aluminum
Number of active fans: 1
Number of European doses: 1
Dimensions: 24 * 12.6 * 6.5cm
Weight approx. 2.0 kg

Package Included:

- 1 x Voltage transformer 12 V to 230 V - 1000 watts
- 1 x manual
- 1 x Connection cable on battery terminals