2.2KW VFD 400Hz 3HP Inverter Frequency Converter 3ph 380V to 3ph 380V 6A for CNC

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2.2KW VFD 400Hz 3HP Inverter Frequency Converter 3ph 380V to 3ph 380V 6A for CNC


1) PID control; advanced calculus PID closed-loop arithmetic, quick responding speed and high suitability;
2) Easy PLC function can realize 16 legs of speed and inverter control function;
3) RS485 communication port, adopting standard international MODBUS main circuit control;
4) With extremely strong anti-jamming capability
5) Low output ratting torque0.5HZ-150%, low speed running ability;
6) Carrier adjustable by 16KHZ, completely soundless working environment;
7) Broad voltage working area, normal running in 304V-456V;
8) Auto voltage regulation (AVR) technique, for ensuring the inverter load capability;
9) Various control technique by both synchronization and non-synchronization, dynamically realize fast starting without changing brakes;
10) With perfect error protection and short circuit starting protection capability.

1) Input Voltage: 380V(+/-15%)
2) Output Voltage: 380V(+/-15%)
3) Input Frequency: 48-63 Hz
4) Output Frequency: 0-400 Hz
5) Input Phase: 1 or 3 phase
6) Output Phase: 3 phase


1) Control mode is SPWM,it is very easy to use and convenient;
2) Protection functions are very strong;
3) Fin over-heat protection;
4) Overload protection;
5) Fuse protection;
6) Restart after instant stop,stall protection;
7) Powful function;
8) Reliable quality.

Package Included:
- 1 x VFD Inverter 2.2KW 380V
- 1 x 2M Extension cable
- 1 x manual