220V Small Dry Powder Particle Subpackage Device Weighing and Filling Machine

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220V Small Dry Powder Particle Subpackage Device Weighing and Filling Machine

- The machine has been excellent engineers carefully study design, the use of microcomputer control of optical technology, high accuracy, fast, good quality. Filling bags loaded, about one minute 10-20 bags, according to the package items weighing hopper to increase internal use. The installation of a geared motor, weighing 2 -100g can be quantitative, the number of items can according to their needs to set adjustment in the PC board.

Suitable Material:
Powder: Fine powder, flour, milk powder, chemical powder, edible powder, coffee powder, seeds, beans, rice granular, tieguanyin, herbs, grains, wolfberry, MSG, salt suitable items, spices, beans, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components, please contact us about the specific situation.

How to use:
1. Remove the three bolts under the machine, which have been marked.
2. Plug the machine into power, turn on the switch on the left side of the machine, the control panel will be lighten, and the machine comes into readiness status after a beep.
3. Pour the material that you need to fill into the hopper, and then press the buttons “Weight (+)/Weight (-)” on the control panel to set the packing amount.
4. Press one of the three buttons on the third line of control panel to set packing speed (from left to right in sequence is slow/medium/fast), please choose reasonable speed according to the size of particle.
5. After you choose speed, then you could press “start/stop” button to make the machine work automatically (blue light means start working, red light means stop working). When one bag is filled to pre-set amount,the machine will stop filling temporarily, please put your hand nearside the Infrared sensors /under the outlet mouth and then the material will pour out again.
6. If you want to pause in filling process or materials has finished filling, you can press “stop” button to stop (come into standby status/ready mode).
7. Quantitive packing amount will display on LCD marked with “number (package)”, if you need to delete the number, please press “return to zero” button.
8. When you need to clean the materials inside the machine, please press “cleaning materials” button, the machine will come into cleaning status (try more times if the materials can’t be clean by only once).
9. After finished, if you won’t use it again in a long time, please turn off the power button.

- The machine is best used for powerful and particle like rice, tea leaf, farina. Not all kind of powder and particle are applicable, like cement or some other powder would float up or too light, or some particle that the length is too long, the filling speed would be affected. If you are not sure whether the machine is suitable for your products, please contact us before buying, we can use the products that you want packing do a test first.

- Automatic weighing and multi-functional packaging.
- Suitable for many types of goods, stainless steel housing, the appearance of fine high-end.
- Full of intelligent design, simple operation.
- Infrared sensor switch sensor block discharge, quantitative precision sensors.
- Three level vibration cutting, the machine is running smoothly, low noise.
- Adjustable packing speed, microcomputer motherboard more energy-efficient.
- Durable, fast, error is small, high performance.
- Set weighing excessive alarm.

- Item Location: New
- Filling Type: Automatic Weighing And Filling Machine
- Dimensions: 17.5" × 12.5" × 23"
- Range: 2-100g (Depending On The Product Similarities And Differences)
- Precision: 0-0.3g (Depending On The Product Similarities And Differences)
- Power: 50W
- Bucket Capacity: 1.5kg
- Voltage: 110/220V
- Dispensing Speed: 10-20 Bags / Min (Depending On The Product Similarities And Differences)
- Weight / Volume: 10kg

Package included:
- 1 × Particle Subpackage Machine
- 1 × Power Cable
- 1 × Small Wrench
- 1 × Instructions
- 1 × Warranty Card