2 way Ethernet Relay Network Switching Delay TCPUDP Module Controller

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2 way Ethernet Relay Network Switching Delay TCPUDP Module Controller

- Power requirements: DC5V, Micro USB power supply; or DC9-24V
- PCB dimensions: length 70mm X 50mm wide

- 2-way control via Ethernet pull the relay, release, and by the pin external expansion relay module to 6 outputs. Module supports both TCP and UDP2 operating modes, easy to understand instructions, instruction can designate one - 65,535 seconds delay. Module is equipped with VB, Delphi PC program and source code to help you easily computerized remote control. Under TCP mode PC can query the status of all relays, another after each command processing is complete, the module will return to the latest state of all relays. UDP mode no status query or other return code is extremely simple, easy embedded into a variety of applications.

- STC microcontroller for industrial master chip
- Onboard 2-way high-quality relay, relay with absorption diode circuit
- With 1-channel power indicator, each relay has status indicator lights up and relay
- The relay module can be extended up to 8 outputs, Note: The relay module should be active high
- You can configure the module through the network parameters, such as the module IP address, default gateway, etc.
- Holding relay status before power down (configurable)
- Supports 5V or 9-24V input voltage
- 1.6mm thick PCB by the military grade FR-4 sheet material, PCB size 70mm X 50mm, set aside the mounting holes

- Under TCP mode, the module after receiving the command byte, will return the latest status of each relay. The return value is a text string of eight characters, each character may be 0 or 1, on behalf of the relay releases or pull the state, such as the return value of 11 million represents CH1 and CH2 pull, the other channels are released state.

- Delay parameters can be set in a controlled channel 1-65535 seconds later change the state, combined with the specific application can be implemented after the release delay is turned on or pull-off delay. Delay parameter is written after the command code continue to enter ":" and the delay in seconds, such as:

Current Status Command Code Description
- CH1 for the release of the current state of 11:30 CH1 pull, automatic release after 30 seconds
The current state of the pull-CH2 22:30 CH2 released automatically after 30 seconds pull
- CH2 22:30 CH2 currently released state released (no state change), automatic pull 30 seconds

Interface Description:
- + 5V: + 5V positive power supply, input or output
- GND: power ground, input or output
- P30 - P35: CH3 - CH8 control lines, active high
- CLR: CLR short and to the module power settings to restore the factory settings
- Blue Terminals: Connect user load, you can use 220V AC, or less than 30V DC equipment, which can not exceed the current standard load relay. Each relay has a normally open contact, a normally closed contact and a common contact, relay timely, public contact and normally open contact conduction; relay released, public contact and normally closed contact guide pass.

Package included:
- 1x TCPUDP Module