160*300mm A4 UV Flatbed Printer Inkjet Printing Plastic Fabric Embossed Effect Machine

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160*300mm A4 UV Flatbed Printer Inkjet Printing Plastic Fabric Embossed Effect Machine


This is a brand new A4 UV printer designed for precise printing on flat surfaces. It is easy operating and of universal usage. Not only is it suitable for different kinds of plastic, fabric, and leather, you can also count on it while printing on metals, wood, bamboo, glass, ceramic, stone and so on. UV printers are widely used for making mobile phone shells, puzzles, scutcheons, labels, decoration pictures, leatherwares, etc.

Products of any color can be printed by using colored and white UV ink. It’s able for direct printing without pre-coating, heating or any pretreatment. Our printer is equipped with both air and water cooling, enabling UV ink to dry immediately after printing. We are clear that printers without extraction fan are often faced with the problem that machine can often be polluted by the ink, causing frequent malfunctions. However our printer is equipped with strong extraction fan for extracting ink spray, thus decreasing malfunctions significantly. Combined with anti-corrosion pump, its lifespan is increased obviously.

- CE & FCC certification
- Mini led UV flatbed printer
- Universal usage on flat surface
- Printing height adjustable
- CISS system for easy refilling
- No pretreatment, coating or heating
- Applicable for various materials
- No fade of color
- Can print out embossed image
- Ink drys immediately after printing
- Direct print from PC onto flat product

- Working Voltage: 110V
- Power: 90W
- Usable Ink Type: LED UV ink
- Print Thickness: 0-50mm (0-2")
- Printing Speed: 4*6 inches/12s
- Printing Height: 2" (50mm)
- Max Printing Size: 6.5"*12" (165*300mm)
- Language: English, Chinese
- Connection: USB 2.0 port
- Working Condition: 68~86F ( 20-30℃), humidity 40%-70%
- Ink System: CISS System, easy for refilling
- Print Technology: Non-touch piezoelectric type inkjet printing
- Operation System: Windows7-10
- Software: Photoshop/coreldraw/Illustrator/BR RIP/Microsoft office, etc
- Image Format: TIFF (RGB&CMYK), BMP, PDF, EPS, JPEG, JPG, etc
- Gross Weight: 34kg (74.8lbs)

Package Included:

- 1 X A4 UV Printer
- 2 X Ink Damper
- 1 X RIP Software Set
- 1 X CISS Set
- 1 X High Quality USB Data Line Set
- 1 X Solvent Resistance Needles and Tube Set