1310/1550Nm OTDR Principle Simple Tester Optical Fiber Ranger Meter SGOT04

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1310/1550Nm OTDR Principle Simple Tester Optical Fiber Ranger Meter SGOT04

Optical Fiber Ranger is the most portable test instrument in the industry. It adopts the OTDR technical principles and integrates the powerful analysis software, which enables the fiber ranger detect fiber faults location more accurate and easy.

- Portable, rugged, lightweight; Easy to use.
- More accurate testing results and better repeatability.
- Up to 8 fiber faults can be detected in each measurement.
- Automatic Pulse Width Control design to ensure a convenient operation.
- Easy to identify the faults location.
- Builtin visual fault locator (VFL), conveniently to find the faults in dead zone.
- Dust, water and shock proof, des igned for field use.
- Long battery life, up to 5000 measurements operation.

Testing the distance of the fiber and identify the faults location in the fiber link.
Locates reflective and nonreflective breaks in the fiber network.

Inspection of fiber repair and maintenance.
1. Before testing, ensure that the test connector and the interface clean OTDR (moistened with alcohol wipes to clean) and OTDR coupled with good test line can not be connected with the light emitting device (optical fiber can not light).

2. If you need to test the line with pigtail connection test (butt welding or ligated, flange coupling), should pay attention to the connection line attenuation can not be too large, otherwise affect the test.

3. The left side of the interface simple OTDR red light, the right to test the break interface; the interface connected to the right of the OTDR test, and then press the power button, then press the SCAN button, the screen display ||||||||| |||||| scroll bar, scroll completion can be measured readings.

The first and second step is very important, if the test result screen is null, should pay attention to whether the steps 1 and 2 did not do.


Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Fiber Type 9/125um
Connector Type FC/PC
Sensor Type InGaAs
Laser Peak Power ≥60
Maximum display distance
Reflection event 60KM (≥1dB)
Nonreflective event 20KM(≥2.5dB)
Unit of measurement M
Reflection time dead zone 15M
Distance Accuracy (Reflection Event) ±(2m+2*104distance)
VFL 650nm
VFL power ≥1
Power Supply 3pcs 1.5V AA alkaline batteries(Not include)
Battery operating time ≥5000 measurements
Operating temperature 5~40℃
Storage temperature 10~60℃
Humidity 0~85% Not condensing
Weight(Without batter) 350g