12V Gasoline Diesel Petrol Fuel Transfer Pump Fuel Nozzle & Hose Red

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12V Gasoline Diesel Petrol Fuel Transfer Pump Fuel Nozzle & Hose Red

- Ideal for transferring and distributing with gasoline, petrol, diesel, kerosene, stoddard solvent, heptane and mineral spirits
- Ideal for equipping fuel pumps and stationary fuel-transfer installations.
- These This pump is prodominantly designed as a drum plug, it has a 2" BSP connection designed to fit the top of the 44 gallon style drums.
- Ideal for Caravans, Boats, Motorhomes, Industrial and Agriculture.

- The pump is sealed to be explosion proof permanent magnet motor(Ideal for transfer Petrol)
- Rain / Waterproof pump body
- Digital Accurate 4 Digits Fuel - 0-9999L (Resettable), Totaliser 0-99999999L (non resettable cumulative in total)
- Pump Body: Cast Iron (Heavy Duty and Tough)
- 4 Metres of Outlet Hose, Metal Nozzle & Inlet Strainer, Cable Lead and Battery Clips
- Stainless Steel motor Shaft
- Built in strainer and Bypass Valve
- Thermal Overload protection
- Compact size - easy to install, operation and maintenance;

- Power:185W
- Voltage: 12V (Come with cable lead and battery clips)
- Current: 15A
- Capacity max: 75L/min (depending on fluid type and head pressure)
- Inlet or Outlet: 1 inch BSP
- Tank fitting: 2 inch BSP (Come with 4 Metres of Outlet Hose, Metal Nozzle)
- Pump Dimension Only (cm): 16 X 12 X 10
- Color: Red

Package included:
- 1x Pump