1100Lb/500kg 100 Type Pneumatic Punch Press Machine 2 Buttons

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1100Lb/500kg 100 Type Pneumatic Punch Press Machine 2 Buttons


1.Compressed air as a power source, high efficiency and easy to operate, can reduce labor, suitable for manual operation, automated assembly line integration of operations.
2.Simple structure, easy to operate, cheap, superior performance, no noise when the hydraulic system and the generated electric standby, saving power consumption to reduce production costs, with very high price.
3.Easy to adjust output, simply adjust the air pressure to reach the desired pressure is adjustable, high yield. Equipped with anti-rotation guide rods, guide plate, high precision, able to adapt to high-speed precision punch overload.
4.According to the product or mold, adjust the height, speed, stroke, stress magnitude and time stamping.
5.Can be used with both hands on the control button or foot switch, increase protection devices, heating the mold, temperature control and pressure sensors, controls and pre-control devices comply with the safety standards to ensure the safety of operating personnel.
6.Microcomputer control system, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation, and the other to increase the control device.

Power Type: pneumatic
The die hole diameter:0.6inch/1.6cm
Working Countertops Size:59*59inch/150*150cm
Tracheal diameter:3*2inch/8*5cm
Adjustable cylinder size:SCJ27*39-20inch/SCJ63*100-50cm
Control form: people work
Layout form: vertical
Usage Scope: in common use
For industry: in common use

Package Included:

- 1 x 1100Lb/500kg Pneumatic Punch Machine 2 Buttons